Friday, April 17, 2009

Back to the flowers

You may have wondered about the flowers I posted last week.  No, they are not from my yard. Yes, they are from Hobby Lobby.  I have started a new and very simple project.  Hair clips!  Please notice how cute my model is.  She knows just how to pose for the camera.

These are a few that I have made.  Each pair takes about one minute to make and they are very affordable (price per pair).  

Originally, I posted the pictures for my sister to see because its easier for me to post on a blog than email them.  I wanted to erase the post once she saw them, but a comment was made before I could do that.  So, now you get to see the finished product.  This is something we are going to do for our Wilcox family reunion this summer when we go to Idaho.


Colored eggs!  This is one of my favorite Easter traditions.  Ashlyn and Grant had lots of fun.  They wanted to plop the eggs into the colored water rather than carefully lower them.  Grant was using crayons to draw pictures on them.  He didn't quite understand the concept of using a white crayon and kept using blue and green.  I think our eggs turned out quite nice!

Here is an example of the nests I made.  This is something my mom used to make for us.  We would usually get a cadbury egg  as a child.  One year Jesse ate everyone's cadbury eggs before we had the chance.  We weren't very happy because that was the coveted item each year.  It seems like he was a little sick after eating all those eggs.  If my memory is wrong, I hope he was sick.  In our nests this year we just had small little eggs (jellybeans, robin eggs, etc.). 
The Easter egg hunt begins...

This is a real nest that Grant found a couple eggs in.

Grant and Ashlyn both found Easter baskets in the house.  In them were the silly bunny ears.  We all had to take turns wearing them.


Here we are on our hot date for Dave's birthday.  The kids were at a friends and we did everything that Dave wanted to do.  That means we went to his favorite restaurant Cantina Laredo.  Being the wonderful photographer I am I forgot to have my camera out at the right times and missed most of the action.
This is the remains of hot fudge from a delicious brownie.  It came to the table with sparks flying(there was a sparkler in it).  It sure was good!
This is Dave analyzing his leftovers.  I'm not sure what was so interesting about them.
Last on our evening out we went to the movies!  This is a real treat for us because we never go.  We saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.  (Yes, this is the cheap theater).   We really liked the movie and recommend it to all.  

Dave really wanted a strawberry rhubarb pie, but here in Texas they are very hard to come by.  Back in Utah I'd go to Denny's and pick one up.  Here I called Denny's and the girl didn't even know what rhubarb was.  Needless to say, he didn't get any pie.  I drew him a picture,  but it didn't taste very good.  I even tried to find rhubarb in the stores, but it wasn't in stock yet at the only store I found to carry it.  Maybe he'll get it for Father's Day if he's lucky.  

Friday, April 10, 2009

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Disney on Ice

Awhile ago we bought tickets to go see Disney on Ice.  I remember going to see a show in Salt Lake as a child and thought the kids would like it.  I have no memories about what I saw except a big building.  I bet it will be the same for Grant and Ashlyn.  
We went to Fort Worth for an afternoon of excitement.  We saw Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, and Goofy of course.  In addition there were scenes from The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Lilo and Stitch, and Peter Pan.  Grant said he liked Peter Pan the best.  Its the only one that had anyone fly in it.  Our poor deprived kids haven't even seen any of those movies.  

I found it really difficult to get a good picture because of the lights.  It was always dark and my subjects wouldn't hold still while I snapped the shot.

You might think we do lots of fun things, but believe it or not we haven't left Texas since last June.  We are looking forward to a fun filled time this summer when we travel to Utah, Idaho and Oregon to see our families.