Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ruffians in the cooler pool

These ruffians wanted to go swimming. But since their padre did not want to take them alone (Lesli was saving lives nursing that day), I set up the next best thing, the cooler pool. To them, it was as if they were swimming in their own little paradise. They loved it. My poor wifey-pooh wasn't as pleased with my bright idea, considering that she had just washed the cooler out a couple of days prior. Just remember this rhyme: If yo' chilluns are a fussin', the cooler pool's an option! Please rate my rhyme from 1 to 10; one being trite and foolish and 10 being spectacular.

Creature with oar

This creature aimed to do some boating with an oar he came across near the shores of Lake Ray Roberts. He got his wish, although it wasn't in a nice boat, but rather a tiny inflatable raft. He thoroughly enjoyed it.

Sleeping Creature

Our sweet little Ashlyn creature napping. 
This is the clan right before I went to Spain.