Monday, November 16, 2009

Halloween and more?!?!

So, I am finally getting around to blogging.  I haven't taken all that may pictures lately and the ones from Halloween aren't all that great.  You could blame it on the camera, but its most likely the photographer.  The kids had a really fun Halloween.  Grant loved being a power ranger and having his face painted.  I didn't because by the end of the night he'd rubbed most of it off on everyone and everything else.  Ashlyn enjoyed being a princess.  We went trick-or-treating with our friends the Whatcotts and went to their house for cookies and cider when all the kids were worn out.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Its about time...

For those of you who might have tried to find out what has been happening with the Evans family this post is for you.  Its a bit long, but I knew I could do one post.  Its easy to just do one, right?
This is the first bus ride for Grant and Ashlyn.  They absolutely loved it.  We went from Dallas to Six Flags.
Cute kids at Six Flaggs!

Happy Father's Day Daddy!  He got a couple new shirts and a very small fresh strawberry pie!
This is my adorable little Ashlyn after her hair was cut by her naughty big brother.  At least that is what we think happened(he had the scissors)!

Most of the rest of the pictures are from our near month long vacation this July and August.  We started out with a couple days in Edmond, Oklahoma visiting family.  We love seeing our closest(by location) relatives and swimming in their pool.

We promised the kids dinosaurs when we got to Utah.  We took the scenic route and went through Vernal, Utah (never again though).  

These next few are at the Treehouse Museum in Ogden, Utah.  I've got some real farmers, oh wait, maybe firefighters!  You know kids, they change their mind at least 20 times a day!

A quick trip to the local Arctic Circle to see some friends.  For those of you who didn't get to see me try not to feel too bad.  I didn't have enough time to visit everyone.  So sorry.  
Here is our posterity after 10 or so years.  They all love ice cream!
We kicked off the "09 Wilcox Reunion with a trip to the stables.  This was very exciting for the kids.  The adults had fun riding the horses too.  For those on Facebook, this is close to the same picture that my dear sister, Elise and dearest brother, Jesse used when they set up an account for me without my permission.  I guess I should be grateful they didn't use a worse one.
The parade-need I say more!!

Every year on the last weekend of July you can go to "That Famous Preston Night Rodeo"  We opted to go to the carnival after the parade.  The kids sure had a fun time.

This had to be the most miserable day at Bear Lake I have ever experienced.  It was really windy and very cold.  The kids braved the water for a few minutes, but thats about it.
Here is Ashlyn saying good-bye to her cousin Jed.  He is a year younger than her.  Hey, Ashlyn, pull up your pants!
A final good-bye to Grandpa(and a tour of the Preston post office).
On our way to Oregon at last.  We're hoping for cooler weather.  
Don't our kids know how to work?
A picnic at Cook Park-I guess they were hungry!
A walk in the park.  You could say we spent a lot of time in Cook Park on our trip to Oregon.  I didn't get any pictures of the many blackberries we picked, but they tasted good. 

Feeding the ducks!
Ashlyn and Sophie.  They were the best of friends!
This picture speaks for itself!

A day at Silver Creek Falls.   Grandma Evans having fun with the grandkids!

PDX-flight to SLC delayed.  Thank goodness for legos!!
Distractions!!!  Who would have thought they would like the construction more than all the stuffed animals in the museum?
Oops, forgot to rotate.  the Bean Museum, Provo, Utah
The Russell"s, Orem, Utah

Bridal Veil Falls, Provo Canyon

killing time at the"pool"

Happy Birthday Ashlyn!  
3 years old
September 13, 2009

I hope you all enjoyed this glimpse into the last 5 months of our lives.  It took forever to "catch up" so I guess I'll have to do better in the future and not let it get to that point again.  I need to remember the advice given to me.  Its easier to maintain as you go along rather than catch up in the end.  Its true too!!